Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baseball, Sea World and Busch Gardens

From the title you can see that this has been a pretty busy week for us. Last Sunday afternoon we took a ride down to Disney World and the sports field where the Atlanta Braves have their spring training. We found out just to get in the area it was $12.75 per person. The ticket seller gave us a program book with all of the teams listed, where they play, what the cost of tickets per game and parking price. We decided on Monday morning that we would go down to Kissimmee and watch the Houston Astros practice.

On Tuesday, it was our weekly trip to Frostproof, visiting with my mother, using her washer and dryer for a couple of loads of clothes while we were there. We had also taken our grill and some steaks down for our lunch. I think Mama really enjoyed the steak as it has been a while since she had one. That night we went to Bingo. Mama and Nancy each won a game and Russ and I will have to wait until next time. We have won many of the nights so we could not complain.

Wednesday, we went to Lakeland to watch the Detroit Tigers and Atlanta Braves play baseball. It was a very good game and the Tigers won 4 - 3. It was fun being out in the sun and watching one of the best sports around.

A couple weeks ago I found tickets to SeaWorld/Busch Gardens at the childrens price and you can go to these parks as many times as you want in a 14-day period. We used our first day on Friday going to SeaWorld and really enjoying just walking around the park and seeing some of the shows. We went to Busch Gardens on Saturday and had a great time. We got to see the Osmond Brothers Show which was outstanding. Russ went on a couple of the rides and I really enjoyed going in the avery. What a day!!!!

Today the weather took a turn with heavy winds, rain, and much cooler temperatures. Late this afternoon the sun did shine but the air is very cold out. Hopefully our wonderful weather will be back soon.