Saturday, July 26, 2008

Crescent Bar Resort

From Crescent Bar Resort, Thousand Trails/Leisure Time Properties, in Quincy, Washington.

We left Monroe, Washington, on Monday, July 21, heading across the Cascade Mountains on Hwy-2. Even at this time of the year, there was still snow on the mountains and the scenery was spectacular. The drive was very easy even going through all the little towns and by-ways, having to slow to about 35 mph.
Just before arriving in Wenatchee, we turned onto Hwy-28 which brought us into Crescent Bar Rec. Area. It is really pretty here.

We passed through the little town of Leavenworth and it was so cute. All the buildings are decorated in the Bavarian style and there were a number of German eateries there. We went back and walked around and also went to an outside play called "Sugar". That was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it very much. Just have to remember that at night it gets chilly and we need a blanket for these things.

On Tuesday night, Nancy and I were getting ready to head to the pool when we walked out of our rigs the whole area was engulfed in smoke. (We are down in a valley that has only one way in and one way out.) After about 20 minutes of wondering what is happening and how close is this fire, we get word that we must evacuate. There were about 10 of us who said we are taking our rigs with us. It took us all about 10 minutes to unhook, load and be ready to leave. By this time the fire has jumped the main road so the only place that we can go is down to the little island of Crescent Bar. They have a big day use park there and we were able to spend the night there. I read that the fire burned 1700+ acres of land but no structures were lost and no one was hurt. Thank you firefighters one and all.

The rest of the week has just been spent here at the campground enjoying the warm weather, pool and relaxing. We will get out and go see some of the other things this next week.

We are really enjoying our visit here to Washington and learning a lot.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Travels and Anniversary

This week has been quiet and relaxing here in Monroe, Washington. We have still enjoyed watching the people on the river and those here in the campground also. We made a trip into Everett, Washington to the Naval Station to have our semi-annual blood test done just to make sure that the pills we are on is not creating havoc with anything else.

We rode up to LaConner and Anacortes just to visit both little towns and see what that side of the world looked like. It was a very enjoyable ride first taking I-5 up there and then hitting Hwy-20 and we came back on Hwy-9. The scenery was outstanding. I like taking the back roads and just seeing what I can find.

Yesterday was Russ' and my 28th wedding anniversary. We had also made contact with friends, Larry and Gina James. We had met them two years ago down in Jamual, California, at Pio Pico. We went over to their campsite for a visit. It was really great seeing these folks and we had a really great visit.

"Larry we are sorry about the woman backing into your car."

As we were headed back to our campground we came upon a very bad accident and had to turn around and find an alternate route. Thank goodness for the GPS (tom-tom). We were given one wrong turn but found out quit quickly so recovered and made it home safe and sound.

Tonight there will be entertainment here at the park so we plan on going to that. Everyone says that we will really enjoy so am looking forward to it.

Until later everyone have a great day.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seeing Seattle

Russ and I decided to take a trip down to Seattle this morning to see the Space Needle and Pike Market Place. We got down there just after 10 am and parked on 2nd and Virginia Street. We walked up to where we could catch the Monorail over to the Space Needle. It was a very interesting sight.

We purchased tickets at the Military Rate ($12.50 each) and proceeded in line. We had to wait about 15 minutes and it was well worth it. Getting a 360 degree look at Seattle from 605 feet in the air was awsome. We spent about 40 minutes up there just oohing and awing. Would I go back to see again? Yes it is well worth it.
We then went down to Pike Market Place. They had a lot of fresh produce, flowers and fish. We also saw them making Curd Cheese and Piroshky. Today there were also a lot of people there. We just walked around and got to see what all was there. Another interesting place. We had fun all day.

Tonight Nancy and I went to the pool and hot tub. We left Russ watching a baseball game and Jim watching TV. We met a number of interesting people while in the pool. Russ even had to call because he thought we were lost. We had only been there for about 2 hours.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Watching the River Go By

This morning started out being a bit on the chilly side here at Thousand Trails/Leisure Time Thunderbird Resort. We have been here since Tuesday, July 8, and enjoying it very much. The area is very green with blue skies and there is still snow on the mountains all around us.
Yesterday we took a ride up to Everett, Washington finding the Naval Base. We went into medical to see about having blood test done next week just for the medications that we are taking. We had to do a mini registration and they said no problem for what we needed. Just no food before we want it done. We then rode on up to Smokey Point where the commissary and exchange are located. We decided not to buy groceries until next week before we leave here.
On the way back we stopped at the Tulalip Casino to check it out. Very nice casino. No we did not win but did enjoy being there for the time that we were.
Returned to the campground after stopping for Pizza for all of us (Russ, Jim and Patty). Got Nancy shrimp and chicken. It was good and then we went to the pool for a refreshing dip. Back at home it was TV for a while and a good nights sleep with the windows open and the electric mattress pad also on.
What a life!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thunderbird Resort

We arrived here at Thunderbird on Tuesday, July 8 just about noon. It is a small park with only 98 spaces but they are spread out in three different areas. We are in the east area with 50 amp service and are able to get satellite by being in the very first site. All others have to us their manual dishes and put them along the fence line.
Tuesday we got set up and waited for the Leivas' to arrive. They had to stop in Tacoma for a new inverter. While they were setting up I was talking to a gentleman who was parked by the river and all of a sudden we saw a tree across the way fall. It was crash, boom, bang. Do not know what caused it to fall but it brought back memories from the time we were in Philadelphia and the tree fell across the road.
Yesterday, we took a ride out on Hwy-2 east trying to find some of the waterfalls listed on the map. The gate was closed so turned and headed back and did see one as we were headed back to town. Took a side road and found another.
We also stopped at a Washington State Salmon Hatchery. Learned a lot there.
Have visited the pool each evening and enjoyed very much.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last few days at Chehalis, WA.

July 4th was a day of clouds and cool weather. Russ, Nancy and I went to the Managers meeting and found out very little from him but that is like most of the parks they tell you what they or the company wants you to know and nothing more. Just after 11 am the park sponsored a parade around the park including children on bikes, the hayride wagon and a fire truck from the local fire department. All the participates had candy that they were throwing out to the spectators. The rest of the day was spent just milling around until 5 pm when we went to the Lucky Eagle Casino for their buffet dinner. Tonight they featured surf and turf. Lots of different fish dishes (crab, oysters, fish, clams, etc.) I did find enough to eat and enjoyed what I had and know that the other three really enjoyed the seafood.

We left the casino just after 8 pm and headed toward the fairgrounds area to watch the fireworks. We parked in the "Yard Bird" parking lot along with many other people. In Washington it is legal to do your own fireworks display and that is what was going on all around us. The professional show did not start until 10:30 pm and we thought that once that started that the ones in the parking lot would stop. NOT!!!!!! It was a continuous thing the whole night. The thing that really scared us the most was parents permitting small children up close to the explosives.

On Saturday it rained on and off for most of the day. Sometimes it was pretty intense but we did ok vegging out. It is still taking us some getting us to to have rain. I know the further east we go the more that we will have.

Sunday was again cloudy but we got out taking many walks and just enjoyed the day. I did go to the laundry as it was taking too long for the clothes to dry in the motor home.

Monday morning we were going into town for groceries and mail. Just as we were getting ready to leave Jim came down to get Russ to come and help him troubleshoot his motor home. They were getting no power to the recepticles. The only thing that they could figure out was that the inverter had gone bad. We left them to find someone who could work on it and we did our running around chores.

Once back at the motor home, Russ began putting away the things outside in anticipation of our move on Tuesday. We saw the Leivas leave about 7:10 am as they were headed to Tacoma to get a new inverter. We left about 8:10 stopping in Tacoma for fuel. It was then continue heading up I-5 to I-405 then Hwy 522 to Monroe, WA. and Thunderbird Campground. Another of the Thousand Trails parks.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flooding of Chehalis and Surrounding Areas

In the past couple of days we have heard from a number of people about the awful weather that came through Washington and Oregon back in November and December 2007. In this area the rivers overflowed their banks flooding the surrounding surface.

There was a couple at the pool on Monday telling us about their garage having 12 feet of water in it and the water was up to the poarch which was 15 feet off the ground. They had had their house rebuilt on stilts after a flood back in 1986. They lost their motorhome and anything else stored in the garage.

We also heard at Applebee's that the surrounding strip mall, including Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Home Depot and other stores had been under water for a while. All of this happened about 2 weeks before Christmas.

To see the area now, one would never know that there had been a flood. To all who assisted in the clean up, thank you from a visitor. For those who were affected, our hearts go out to you.

We also heard that down near Seaside in Oregon that they had had 129 mph winds that distroyed many trees and things along Hwy 26. A lot of distruction everywhere. What is God trying to tell us? We all need to think about what is happening.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seeing Beautiful Washington State

The past couple of days Russ and I have taken off and just driven the back roads of Chehalis, Washington. The scenery has been outstanding and awsome in every way. I just ask Tom Tom for a place and it takes us there. Yesterday we went looking for Cedar Creek Falls but upon going to where it said the roadway was closed so did not find the falls.

We then decided to go and look at one of the other Thousand Trails Parks near here (Paradise Resort) and it was really nice. The view going in was awsome. If we are ever back in this part of Washington we would like to stay there. To any of our friends reading this, we would encourage you to check out both Paradise and Chehalis Park

We had read in the little paper that there was a Farmer's Market that takes place on Tuesday afternoons so we went to find it. Well the address they had posted was incorrect so we ended up on the other side of Chehalis. It was fun traveling on all the back roads and seeing the many Christams Tree farms, dairy farms and hay farms. Once we did find the market it was very small, only half a block, but interesting. The produce and bread to me was expensive. Oh well, it was an interesting day.

The weather here has changed again. Over the weekend, it was in the high 80's but yesterday and today was in the mid 70's. Very delightful.

Well time for my walk so will talk to you again in a few days.