Monday, April 28, 2008

Catch Up Time

Sorry that it has been a while since last posting but I was a bit under the weather even though most people did not know it and I did not tell them either. I went about each day as if things were okay. The real problem has been that I stopped taking my meds and it caught up with me. My blood pressure has gone out of sight and the fibromyalgia is really hurting but I am getting back stable. Enough on that......
Our last couple of days at Cherry Valley Lakes was a lot of fun and we did help to bid Bobby and Gene "Good by" as they start a new adventure in their life. These guys are fun to be around and we always had fun when they were there. They are hopeful to be able to stay at Thousand Trails in Palm Springs for the summer and watch the property during the close down of this park. The only bad part of being in Palm Springs during the summer is the heat, some days as high as 120 degrees.

On Monday, April 21, we moved down to Golden Village Palms in Hemet, California, to meet up with the SO CAL and Warriors SMART Chapters. There were 26 rigs with 46 people and it was a really good muster. We ate a lot, played games and socialized a lot. Russ and I ended up competing against each other in Blongo (Snake Toss). I lost. We also competed in Bocce Ball and Washer Board Toss. All of the games were fun and everyone had a good time. We even saw people out that usually don't play enjoying themselves.
On Wednesday, Russ and I went down to San Diego for a doctor's appointment. That is where I found out that the blood pressure was out of whack and I had to start back on my medications. I am doing it and monitoring each day.

On Friday, April 25, we left Hemet and headed up Hwy 79 to I-10 to I-15 to Lytle, California and Mountain Lakes RV Park. This is a Resorts of Distinction park and a really pretty park. It has fishing ponds stocked with trout, crappy and cat fish. There are three swimming pools, a convience store, a clubhouse for adults and another for families, a restaurant and all kinds of activities going on including BINGO 5 times a week. We have played BINGO and I won $20. We spent $22 so we are only short by $2. It was a lot of fun.
Our friends Joyce and Steve Dombroski are here also. We have always had a lot of fun with them and have run into them all across the country. We will part on Thursday with them going to Las Vegas and we will head toward Soledad Canyon. I expect that we will meet up again sometime this summer.
Russ has enjoyed fishing catching 5 trout on Saturday and is out there again today trying his luck. The only thing here is that they do not let you catch and release. You must keep all that you catch. He finds someone who wants to clean and eat them. I think that Joyce will take them this time. I am doing my blog and washing clothes and just enjoying the time here.
Until next time Have a great day.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Beautiful Day

We are still at Cherry Valley Lakes, Beaumont, CA. and really enjoying the relaxed mode provided by this campground. The temperature today is 68 degrees with just a slight breeze blowing. Really a beautiful day.

As I have stated in previous journals from here there is always something to do or not do depending on how you feel. Russ enjoys playing games so he has joined in on playing Push Poker or Pegs and Jokers. This week they were also going to play Washer Boards but the wind was so strong and chilly that they went inside with Pegs and Jokers.

Yesterday we did a fast trip down to San Diego for the funeral of the wife of one of our dear friends, Sid Derenburger. It was held at Fort Rosecrans and the view was just outstanding. After the service we all went to Bali Hai for their buffet luncheon. There were about 45 people there; which, was a great turnout for Sid.

On the way back Russ and I stopped at the post office to pick up mail. We had gotten two of the Entertainment books for our travels north this summer. Entertainment sold them for $15 each and free shipping. By the time we got back home, we were both very tired and opted to stay in and just veg.

Also while we were gone my computer came back from the hospital. T
hey had to put in a new operating system and keyboard. Don't know exactly what happened but am glad to have it back and be able to do what I want to do.

Today is wash day and complete setting up the computer. We will eat here and then go over and play Bingo at 6:00 pm. This will be Bobby and Gene's last night of calling Bingo and our last chance at Bingo as we leave here on Monday headed down to Hemet and the SOCAL SMART Rally at Golden Village Palms.

Until next time Take Care.

Monday, April 14, 2008

50's Dance Party and Alligator Lizard

We are still at Cherry Valley Lakes in Beaumont, CA.

On Saturday the winds blew like there was going to be no tomorrow. It was even hard to walk against them but we made out okay. The temperature was suppose to be in the 90's but with the wind it did not feel that hot. We opened up all of the windows and just let the breezes blow throughout the motorhome.

Saturday night at the clubhouse they had a 50's dance party with three of the member workers singing and leading all of the fun. All three had good voices and everyone had a great time. The songs were great and the musical hits were done really well also. Of course Russ had to miss his NASCAR Race to go to this but I think he enjoyed it none the less. He still surprises me with his new hip as he was doing the twist and going all the way down to the floor, fast dancing and slow dancing and it was not bothering him. Thank you Dr. Jon Lowen.

Sunday Russ decided to do some fishing in the lakes that they have here. He was able to catch two catfish weighing between 1 1/2 lbs. - 2 1/2 lbs. He had a good time doing that. I interrupted his fishing for us to go to the ice cream social. He went back out while I sat and just enjoyed the sun by the pool. I decided to go out and see what he had and as I went out the back gate I stepped over what they were calling an Alligator Lizard. This thing was about 6 - 8 inches long and had a diamond shaped head with it's tongue flickering about. It scared me but I did go back and take a picture which I will post once I get my computer back.

Late in the afternoon Joyce and I went to the hot tub just to relax. We met another couple there who were visiting here from Pennsylvania. She and Joyce really enjoyed talking and comparing notes. Once back from the hot tub we watched tv and then off to bed it was after the late news.

Until next time Take Care..

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cherry Valley Lakes

Posting from Cherry Valley Lakes, Cherry Valley, CA. We are about 3 miles west of the city of Banning, CA. and the park buts up to I-10 and the Banning area Rest Stop.

We are actually enjoying this park even with it butting up to I-10. We are parked on the last row and do not hear the traffic at all from the highway even with the windows open. The park is small but has all that we need here to survive. It has a clubhouse with kitchen that they serve breakfasts and dinners Thursday - Saturday and breakfast also on Sunday. They also have different activities going on during the day and in the evening. Thursday night was Bingo, tonight is Push Poker, Saturday Night they are having a 50's dance, etc. Dinner tonight was fish and shrimp and it was very good for $6. We will go to the dance tomorrow night and pay $2 each but eat at home as I have to get rid of some of the stuff we have had left over from the TTTs outing.

I am having to use Russ' computer right now as my computer has had to go to the "Computer Hospital". Wednesday night I went in to make a blog and do some other typing and I could not get the keyboard to work at all. I called Acer and they said that it had to be sent in to them to figure out what is wrong so today I sent it off to Texas. I will add pictures once I get my computer back.

Well that is all that has happened here. Wish each and everyone a great day. Take Care.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Thousand Trails Travelers Campout

We are still at Thousand Trails Palm Springs, Palm Desert, CA. The winds continued to blow for most of the week and on Wednesday morning we were forced inside for coffee and goodies or be blown completely away.

As reported in previous entries we have been here at Thousand Trails since March 27 and Thousand Trails Travelers have been arriving on a steady basis since then. We are all spread out across the park which is very empty compared to what we are use to seeing it at this time of the year. The park will be shutting down to minimial use beginning May 15 when Idyllwild is in full force. It is just too hot to be in Palm Desert during the summer months and Idyllwild is up in the San Jacinto Mountains where it is cooler for this time of the year. We have seen snow up on that mountain since the middle of February.

For the campout there were 20 rigs and we all enjoyed the potluck dinners and our annual Pizza Party on Tuesday evening. Each morning this week, we met for coffee and goodies provided by our host. There were many shopping trips, trips to the casinos and our trip out to eat on Sunday evening. We also had card games after dinner of "Hand and Foot" or "Hearts" going on and there were two tables of "Jokers and Pegs" being played. Just a lot of good food and fellowship.

Thursday saw most leaving for their respective homes or to other campgrounds and we wish each and everyone a safe and sound summer wherever you plan your adventures. We moved westward to "Cherry Valley Lakes" for the next 11 days.

Take care and let's see what happens next.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Good Times

We are still at Thousand Trails in Palm Desert, CA.

On Thursday morning Russ and Steve went to play golf at Indio Golf Course. They got there early but still ended up having to wait for a golf club to go ahead of them. They said that some of the gentlemen were a bit slow but that was OK because one day they may be just as slow.

I finished washing clothes and hung them out back on the clothes line that Russ made for us. It works great and is nice to have around especially drying the towels, etc.

I was also going to vacuum good and mop the floor. Well, I started the vacuum and found that the bag was way too full and would not suck properly so went about finding the extra bags that we have in here. No luck. That meant a trip to Wal-Mart so while there we both got hair cuts which were much needed. We also picked up a few groceries and headed back home.

As we were pulling back into the park, we saw our friends Cecil and Donna Schoolcraft pulling in for the Thousand Trails Travelers camp out which officially starts on Sunday. It has been three weeks since we last saw them so was great to meet up with them again. We also saw, as we walked around, that Darlene Fuller, Katie Pettis and Dick Jackson, Mary and Bill Miller had arrived. We will enjoy getting together with all of these fine folks for eating, games and fellowship.

Friday was Thousand Trails meeting with the manager Gary. His meeting drew a good crowd awaiting any news that he had gotten from the District Meeting that was held here Tuesday - Thursday. Basically it was the same old stuff but we did let Gary know that we appreciated his park and wished that some of the others were managed as he does.

I enjoyed the swimming pool for a couple of hours as Russ was up in the Pool Room with some of the guys shooting pool. We are two that have our own interest and can do what we like separately or together.

We had made plans with Cecil and Donna to meet at Augustine Casino for dinner after their appointment in Palm Desert. On Friday nights they have a big Seafood Buffet, which they all like. I had my fried chicken and was just as happy. We stayed until about 9 pm playing the machines and Russ and I came out about $25 ahead. GOOD FOR US!!!!!

This morning they are suppose to have a park wide garage sale but did not see that many having things for sale especially since the winds have come back. Russ attempted to walk at 6:15 am but the winds then were just brutal. He waited to walk until just after 8 and I went out about 8:20.

Until later hope that everyone has a Great Day.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Helping Others

We are at Thousand Trails, Palm Springs, CA.

Yesterday was a day that we were going to just relax and enjoy the park. Russ went up to the pool room to play pool for a while and I went over to our friends Joyce and Steve Dombroski. I had been telling Joyce about the new programs that I had learned about from Chris and Jim, Geeks on Travel. I am now using Picasa 2 for all of my pictures, being able to customize them and I am using Photo Story 3 for making movies and slideshows of my pictures.

Both Steve and Joyce have taken some really good pictures with their new camera and they will be great using the Photo Story. We worked on this for a while and then decided that it was time for some fun. Off to Casino 29 we went. We decided that the first stop would be at McDonald's for an Angus and Mushroom Burger. We then went off and played the machines for just over an hour. Yesterday was my day for coming out ahead by $11.

As Russ and I were walking back to our little house, I met Marge and we began talking about computers. She is just learning the computer and was having problems so I met her up at the adult lodge and helped her understand what she was confused about. We had a good time and hopefully it helped her get a little further along.

We have the east/west channels on Direct TV so I watched American Idol and Dancing with the Stars at 5 and 6 pm and then went to the pool for about an hour. It was so refreshing. I then came home and did some backups on the computer. It took a while and then I was off to bed. Good nights sleep.