Thursday, February 28, 2008

Final Day at FMCA Rally

This morning started as another beautiful day. Temperature started out in the 50's but soon was up in the 70's with wispy clouds in the sky.

Russ went over to the vendor's booths to make sure that he understood the new tire pressure system and the new brake system that we bought and were having installed today. We also had to make sure that the dealer that is making and shipping the jack blocks had the correct address for 1000 Trails up in Acton, CA. as that is our next destination. All is well and the brake system is installed and operational.

This afternoon we also had Interstate Battery come by and check out the batteries as they did not seem to be doing exactly what they are suppose to but according to them they are. We found out that the batteries are going on 3 years so that is why we are not getting all that we want out of them but we still have good life for now.

Tonight the entertainment was "The Bellamy Brothers". They sang and entertained the audience for about and hour and we really enjoyed them. As has been every night, there is a big race for the trolly. We just wait and catch the one with the least amount of people on it. We are home still before 9 p.m.

Tomorrow should be another interesting day as we move from here in Pomona up to Acton, CA.
Until then........

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