Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking an Airboat Ride

I know it has been a while since I last posted but we really have not been doing that much as the weather has been so cold out. We continue to go to Frostproof on Tuesdays to see my mother and I go down again on Fridays to take her out to eat and to the grocery store or wherever she wants to go.
Thursday, February 5th, Nancy Leivas and I went to Arcadia to their Red Hat Queens Council Madi Gras luncheon. I left Thousand Trails just after 6 am and the temperature at that time was 22 degrees and as I traveled south I saw much ice around the orange trees.

Today we decided to take an "Airboat Ride." We went to Boggy Creek Airboat Tours down in Kissimmee and really enjoyed the 30 minute ride. We were able to see many different birds, a bald eagle and an alligator in the reeds. The air was a bit cool but the ride was very delightful and fun. Yes, I would go again and hopefully see more critters.

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