Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Beautiful Sunday

This morning we awoke to fog around the area but it soon burned off. It was 58 degrees out and very few people were wearing jackets or sweaters. The sky was blue and the birds were singing. It was going to be a fantastic day.

Russ began reinstalling all of the tire monitors that we had checked as they were giving wrong readings. Can't have that with these big rigs and towing a vehicle. He had to also re-enter all the information to the monitoring system mounted on the dash. One of the tires was a bit low so he aired up the motor home and found that there are three bolts broken around the generator. Don't know how we will get the pieces out but that is a project for this week.

I made beef stew for dinner and did my delivery of some to my mother on the other side of the park. All enjoyed it as we have not had it in a while.

Russ went up to the clubhouse for square dancing. Said that they had enough men for two squares and of course more women who took turns dancing. All had a great time.

Looking forward to having lunch with Stu and Donna McNicol of and 13 other couples over in Lakeland tomorrow. Until then take care.

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