Monday, September 15, 2008

Spring Lake RV Resort

Saturday morning I had said that I wanted to sleep in and not leave as early as we have been recently but would you believe that I could not sleep so was up before 7 am and we were leaving the Prairie Oasis Camp in Henderson, Nebraska, by 7:45 am. All we had to do to get ready to leave was disconnect the electricity, pull in the slides and connect the lights for the towed car.

As we were leaving it was not raining but the clouds were very heavy like it could at any minute. We drove east on I-80 for about 10 miles and then headed south on NE/KS-81. When we got to I-70 we went east for 3 miles to the Flying J to get diesel at $3.909. We needed 45.539 gallons so we will be set for the next 9 days when we reach the Joplin, Missouri area.

From Spring Lake RV Park, Halstead, KS

We arrived here at Spring Lake RV Resort about 12:30 pm and went into the office to register. We were greeted by Karen Gehring, Norma and Bobbie. Wayne Gehring came through and a big hug was in store from him. We had been here last year when Russ fell and broke his hip. It was as if we were home. Saturday night, the park served dinner and we went and enjoyed our meal very much. They served meatloaf, mashed potatoes (real), corn and a roll. There was also different kinds of cake and brownies for dessert.

Sunday morning we went to the community Church Service at the clubhouse here at the campground. Pastor Norman Rodgers presented the message and did a very good job of saying that everyone should press forward as far as they can. We then went into Hutchinson to the State Fair. We walked around looking at the exhibits until we were both very tired and decided to go get something to eat and then come home and finish watching the race and ball games.

Today was wash day for me beings I had not done clothes in over two weeks. Russ went fishing in the ponds around the property here. He caught 3 bass and a catfish and saw 3 different snakes. We took a walk looking for the big frogs that we had seen here last year but did not find any. We did see friends from last year, Jim and Marge Eckles, Earl and Ivalee and Don Schrag. Don's wife Shirley came by on her way home from school. She is taking business math and algebra. We will be getting with all of these people at some time and visiting more while we are here this week.

Well until later, Take Care.

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