Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rally at the Rock

We left Carthage on Monday morning bright and early heading south on Hwy 71 toward Fort Smith, Arkansas. Once at Fort Smith, we headed east along I-40 to North Little Rock. All along the way we had a pleasant drive with no incidents including two stops at Flying J Travel Plazas.

From Rally at the Rock

We arrived in North Little Rock at approximately 1:20 pm and it took until after 4 pm to get to our camping space for the week. We have heard all kinds of reasons that it took so long to get to the area and we have also heard many disgruntle persons about how this rally is being run. We were guaranteed that we would have 30 amp electric for the entire rally and it took until after 12 pm today to finally get it. All of the seminars, entertainment and food is over two miles away from where we are and we are being eaten alive by fire ants. The trolleys, buses and mini-vans did start to move this afternoon so we can at least get up to where all the action is going on. We are also told that this is not the most desirable part of town; so, we have police security all around once the sun begins to set.

Oh well, we will see what tomorrow has in store when the rally actually starts and we have to be in certain places at certain times. This is when I will just continue to enjoy and make the best of all situations.

Until next time, Take Care.

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