Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Camp Monoco, Harrisburg, Oregon

Monoco Factory Repair Facility, Harrisburg, Oregon.

We arrived here on Sunday afternoon after doing the Redwood Highway from Klamath, Ca. We are here at the Monoco Repair Facility to have some things repaired, to have some maintanence done and hopefully have the smudged window replaced. We do not know exactly how long we will be here but we at least have electric and water. They also provide us with free washers and dryers and a large lounge with wi-fi.

When we arrived on Sunday the hook-up spots were all taken so we just stayed in the overflow area.
At 7:30 am on Monday morning you saw rigs start moving in to have there stuff done and a number of them left. We were called Monday afternoon and told that we could move into a spot and they would be out to see us at 8:30 am Tuesday. That was fine with us. We will probably be here for the better part of this week.


roadlife said...

Patty, this is Bill and Carol.
Your follow campers at Lodi and at Monaco.
I like your site here! Hope your travels go well this summer.
We are in Bend right now, will head to Crater lake in a week.

halfpint said...

Patty, love your site.
This is Bill and Carol, your campers at Lodi and Monaco.