Friday, June 20, 2008

Thousand Trails Long Beach, Washington

This morning we took a walk with Jim and Nancy down to the beach. The path is lined with much beach grass and beautiful flowers of different kinds.
The walk is between a quarter and a half mile and a very easy walk. Once we reached the beach the tide was way out and Russ walked out to where his feet finally found the waves.
This beach allows dogs off leash so Buddy really enjoyed being able to chase the waves and check out all of the smells and things that a beach have to offer. Cars are also allowed to travel on the solidly packed sand.

Later in the day, Russ and I decided to go and find the lighthouses that are in the area. We headed to the right from the campground on Hwy 100 and found North Head Lighthouse that was built in 1898. The views through the trees to the ocean were awesome. Upon reaching the lighthouse we could see for miles and miles out in the Pacific Ocean. This lighthouse is one of the two in the area.

We traveled about a mile down the road to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center within Cape Disappointment State Park. We took one of the beach trails and could see Cape Disappointment Lighthouse from it.

This was a very fun filled day finding the lighthouses and information about the area.

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