Saturday, June 28, 2008

Leaving the Beach

On Thursday morning we were in no big hurry to leave Long Beach heading for Chehalis, Wa. We knew that we had about 120 miles to do and that was a breeze. At just about 8 am we heard the Leivas rig start up and knew that the clocks had to be wrong because they usually do not leave at that time.

We got busy real fast and were out of the campground by 8:30 am. We went north on Hwy 101 and then east on Hwy 4. The roads were mostly 2 laners with lots of curves but very good surfaces. The drive was beautiful and very interesting.

After about 60 miles we hit I-5 and continued north on it for 40 miles to Chehalis, Washington. We got off at exit 71 and followed the Thousand Trails Signs for approximately 7 miles. The campground is outstanding. It is the original campground in the Thousand Trails system. We feel very lucky that we were able to get a full hookup site as they only have 33 of these throughout the grounds. The only problem that we had is that we could not get our satellite to work between all of the trees. It took Russ and neighbors more than 3 hours to get service and then Russ worked on it again on Friday after purchasing a 5 foot section of pvc pipe. We now have good service.

For the past 6 weeks we have been complaining of how cold we were. Well today (Saturday) the heat has found us. My thermometer says that it is 89 outside and the sun is shinning and the skies are a most beautiful blue. The temperatures are suppose to go back down beginning tomorrow.

Well time to start dinner so will give more information in the next few days. Wish everyone a great week.

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