Sunday, August 31, 2008

Museum of the Rockies

This morning we were greatly surprised with sunshine and mild temperatures outside. The lady parked behind us had given me home grown tomatoes yesterday so Russ and I both had bacon and tomato sandwiches for breakfast. It was soooo good and we really enjoyed them. Thank you so much.

I had talked with a guy at the pool yesterday and he was telling me about the "Museum of the Rockies" over at the University of Montana. It really sounded interesting so I looked up some information on the internet and we decided to go and check it out. They were featuring "Out of this World", Extraordinary Costums of Film and Television; "Glow", Living Lights; Raymond Lowery; Dinosaurs Under the Big Sky; Enduring Peoples, Montana's American Indian Culture; and The 50th Anniversary of the Museum. It was very detailed and interesting. A must see if you are in the Bozeman area.

Today also they were having a "Farm Festival" to celebrate the harvest for the year. There were people dressed in the 1890 dress along with people showing their collection of rifles, those showing the Thrashing machine, doing apple mashing to make cider, baking bread over coals and making stew also. We watched border collies herd sheep in the field. There was also fresh vegetables being grown and the farmer was allowing children to come and harvest carrots from garden. It was a real treat to enjoy this type of day.

Late this afternoon it clouded up and we had thunder and lightning along with rain for a short period of time. The temperature fell drastically. Right now it is showing at 48 degrees.

Time to hit the sack so until the next time, Take Care.

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