Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Late yesterday afternoon the wind started to blow and it continually got worse as time passed. The slides on the west side of the motor home were just bouncing so I told Russ that I was putting in at least the living room one. We then went outside just to see what was happening around and saw that our neighbors topper was getting caught by the wind and going almost all the way across the top of their rig. They were not home so we found a rope and got it tossed across the top to hold the topper down. I made sure that I was watching for them to come home so that we could let them know what we had done. They were appreciative that we had taken the time to help them out.

We then saw the people on the end having problems with their topper. They had had a real problem last week with the winds putting a hole in it so we went down to help them save things. What happened this time was that he had forgotten to lock down the releases.

The winds did finally calm down to a minor roar after about an hour and a half of 45 mph gust. We did have rain during the night and it was cloudy most of today.

Just after dark last night we had new neighbors pull in. They have a 45' Provost pulling a 30' enclosed trailer with a Mercedes and two big motorcycles. They are a very nice couple from Alabama and they are traveling with another couple with the big Provost but a 22' trailer. Very nice rigs.

From Yogi Bear Jellystone RV Park, Missoula, MT.

Today was spent getting laundry done and then we went out to dinner with the Leivas' to Outback. Very good dinner. We then went to the Sportsman's Warehouse where Russ picked out his birthday present. He has wanted a metal detector, so that is what I got him. It was then back to the RV and over to the office for a Huckleberry Ice Cream Cone. I then came home to watch the DNC and Hillary Clinton's speech.

Must get up from here now and get things ready to move tomorrow. Take care until the next time.

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