Thursday, August 7, 2008

Old American Kampground

Posting from Old American Kampground in Newport, Washington

We left Moses Lake on Wednesday morning 8/6/08 at about 8:30 AM heading east on I-90. Our tire sensor began showing that we had low air in the rear driver side tire on the Honda. We were near a rest area so pulled in there and Russ checked all the tires. He decided that he needed to move the monitor and that helped.

As we were preparing to leave the rest area, I told him that I would drive until we reached the next one. That was about 50 miles, so I am slowing getting back into practice.

We got into Spokane and stopped for fuel at the Petro Center. If you used your ATM card the $4.799 a gallon. If you used credit, it was $4.869. Had to do the cheaper one this time. From the center we continued on I-90 until we reached Hwy-2 and headed north-east to Newport, Washington. It is right on the Washington/Idaho border and very pretty up here. The temperature was a bit warm (98 degrees) but will only be lasting for a couple of days. After getting set up and letting it cool down a little, we took a ride up Hwy-2 into Idaho a little further and the scenery was magnificent.

Today we took a ride down to the Thousand Trails Park at Diamond Lake. It is a very nice park, spread out and some of the sites are very small but will do. The only other thing is that they do not have sewer at the sites. As we were coming back, we saw a SKP sign. We turned around and drove in to find out what it was. What we found was an SKP couple and they were setting up to have a garage sale and they are also trying to sell their property there. They had let people camp there when passing through. They showed us a lot of their wares that they will be selling this weekend.

We left there and headed back to the campground stopping at Safeway for a few groceries. After having dinner we went for a walk around the grounds and down to the river just to see what was there. I did make a couple of phone calls and now it is time to call it a night.

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