Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Catching Up from the Rally

Sorry that it has been a while since I last posted but we were very busy during the FMCA Rally at North Little Rock.

From Rally at the Rock

We were parked up in the Wheat field area above the Sand Pit and Rock Garden. There were approximately 75 - 80 rigs parked in the Wheat field. Once we got set up and electricity was finally flowing to our little home on wheels, we were very happy campers. We enjoyed live entertainment every night (4). We did not move the car the entire time we were there as we took the provided trams or golf carts that were making rounds on a daily basis. The Rally Mall was well staffed with all types of vendors selling RV goods and services. The quilts that were on display were beautiful and those receiving them will be very proud.

From Rally at the Rock 1

The city of North Little Rock allowed all in attendance with their badges on to ride the electric streetcar across the river to Little Rock and enjoy all the museums, restaurants, city library, hotels (Peabody with the Duck Walk), and the Clinton Presidential Library.

There was also a Dealer's Party where the new motor home dealers served Margarita's, Smoothies and Ice Cream Sandwiches while people enjoyed going through the new rigs. They had a couple of high end Newell's there as well as many other kinds of motor homes. It was fun going into all of them and just looking to see if there was something that you could not live without. I found nothing that I liked better than what I have now. No trade here.

On Saturday and Sunday afternoon there was an ice cream social out in front of the Rally Mall. We had our ice cream and then went to the Irish Pub down the street for dinner. I had fish and chips and Russ had the beef stew and mashed potatoes. The food was really good.

On Sunday morning, the Wyndham hotel provided a breakfast buffet. There were 3 different settings and they provided eggs, bacon, potato patties, biscuits and gravy. It was good and everyone got there fill.

We did not win any of the door prizes but we did have a good time and will go to more of these rallies in due time.

We had said that we were not going to be in any big hurry to leave on Monday morning, but as most of you know us, we had everything picked up, jacks stowed, car attached and were ready to leave whenever we could get out. The people next door had their car parked in the middle by the generator and we could not move. Finally about 8:15 he came out and I asked if he would move the car and we would be out of his way. He did and down the road we went heading for Memphis, Tennessee. We had only 142 miles to travel and it was a very easy drive. Some of the trees are beginning to change color and there was no construction so as I said a very easy drive.

Will talk about Memphis soon so take care.

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