Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seeing Beautiful Washington State

The past couple of days Russ and I have taken off and just driven the back roads of Chehalis, Washington. The scenery has been outstanding and awsome in every way. I just ask Tom Tom for a place and it takes us there. Yesterday we went looking for Cedar Creek Falls but upon going to where it said the roadway was closed so did not find the falls.

We then decided to go and look at one of the other Thousand Trails Parks near here (Paradise Resort) and it was really nice. The view going in was awsome. If we are ever back in this part of Washington we would like to stay there. To any of our friends reading this, we would encourage you to check out both Paradise and Chehalis Park

We had read in the little paper that there was a Farmer's Market that takes place on Tuesday afternoons so we went to find it. Well the address they had posted was incorrect so we ended up on the other side of Chehalis. It was fun traveling on all the back roads and seeing the many Christams Tree farms, dairy farms and hay farms. Once we did find the market it was very small, only half a block, but interesting. The produce and bread to me was expensive. Oh well, it was an interesting day.

The weather here has changed again. Over the weekend, it was in the high 80's but yesterday and today was in the mid 70's. Very delightful.

Well time for my walk so will talk to you again in a few days.

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