Thursday, May 21, 2009

Covered Bridges and Intercourse, PA

This morning I woke up about 6:30 am. I watched the Today show taking my shower during some of the segments. The morning is just gorgious out and it is a perfect day for seeing more of Pennsylvania.

We left the motor home just a few minutes after 9 heading east on US 322 to Cornwall where we took PA 72 south to Manheim where we found two covered bridges. The first was off of Adele by the high school and it was a foot bridge. There were also some interesting rocks that had been moved into the park as a special project.

We then went back through the little town of Manheim to Sun Hill Road where we found a one-lane bridge that is used for vehicles. Both of these bridges were very interesting and fun to find.

Next we headed out US 72 to US 772 to Hunsecker Road where we found our third bridge to view. Again this was a one-lane bridge for vehicles. We also saw many Amish children by this bridge.

After this bridge we headed to the town of Intercourse, PA. We headed for the Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop but found it to be closed as this is Ascention Day and the Amish do not work on this day. Back to US 340 we then headed to a Country Knives Store. It was then back into town where we stopped at Cross Key to visit Intercourse Pretzel Factory. We also checked out Stoltzfus Meats and some of the other little shops in this area. We then went to Kitchen Kettle Village where we had lunch at Kling Restaurant. Food was very good. Russ had a Ruben Sandwich with corned beef and I had a big hamburger.

We also saw many Amish families out and about in their buggies. The children are all so cute and well mannered. We also stopped to see a one room school house that was used up until 1969.

We followed our GPS directions and saw a lot of the countryside as she brought us in the back way to the campground. It was fun and we did learn a lot today.

Do not know where we will head tomorrow but know that we will enjoy it all as this area is so pretty.

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