Friday, May 22, 2009

Pickle Ball

This morning Russ decided that he wanted a schedule of the weekend activities going on here at the park. He first went to the ranger station and they sent him up to the recreation hall to obtain one. In his adventures to get this schedule he helped in putting decorations on the tables in the rec center, talked to people at the store and pool area, then ventured out to the pickleball court. There were people who were willing to teach he and another man how to play.

Everything was going well until Russ tries to get to a shot and takes a big fall across the court. He broke his glasses completely, has a big gash in his eye lid, scrapped both knees and a knuckle. Now just remember, it has been exactly two years ago that he fell and broke his hip and had to have a hip replacement.

We are going to go down to the river front this afternoon and then tonight go and watch the Harrisburg Senators play baseball. There will also be a fireworks show after the game. Sounds like fun for me.

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