Monday, May 25, 2009

What Happened?

This morning we were awake before 6 and started getting the motor home ready to travel. We had decided while at Chesapeake Bay that we would try out a Corp of Engineer Park about half way to Lockport, NY. The park is Ives Run in Tioga, PA.

We left TT Hershey about 8 am and everything looked like it was hooked up correctly. We headed west on US 322 to I 83 N and then we went north on I 81 to exit 77 to fuel up. Diesel was $2.529 at Travel Center of America. As we were getting back on I 81 S Russ noticed the car fishtailing behind the motor home. He stopped as quickly as he could and found that we had lost one of the pins and bolts to the connection to the car. It also bent one of the holding horns, broke the light connection and messed up the air connection for the breaks along with that light. We did get all of this stuff unhooked and I drove in front of Russ to our destination for today. It was about 170 miles that we came after the mishap.

Once we were all set up and had had a sandwich for lunch we took off south on PA 487 to PA 660 and found The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. The park was awsome and we enjoyed the trails and watching the hawks that were flying all around. We spent about an hour there just looking at stuff.

We came back to the campground and Russ worked on some of the broken items and we will stop by Camping World tomorrow while up in Corning, NY and see if they can fix our mishap. Also while in Corning we will go to the museum and factory.

We will see what else we find while out.......

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