Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay

We left Pocahontas State Park on Monday 5/11/09 headed for Chesapeake Bay Thousand Trails in Gloucester, VA.

I had to have another blood test done and pick up a new prescription before we left Chesterfield so went to the walk in clinic at our doctors office. Those of us waiting for the office to open were stunned to find out that Dr. Mark Schroeder had passed away on the previous Saturday from a Brain Tumor. Russ and I had only seen him once so will now transfer over to one of the other doctors there in the office.

Russ dumped tanks while I was gone and I met him over at the Pilot Truck Stop off of I 95. We topped off with diesel and we were on our way heading north on I 95, east on VA 10, north on I 295, east on I 64 and east on VA 33 to VA 198. Total miles 69.50 A very easy drive and we arrived at the campground about 10 am.

We were lucky and found one of the free 50 amp sites open. Space D 23 one of our favorites. We got in and maneuvered enough to get 5 bars on the satellite. This worked well for most of the week. The entire week was partly cloudy but no rain until Sunday and then it rained all day.

Tuesday we went to Wal-Mart to get my prescription filled and just for the ride into town. We had to wait 2 hours as they were having troubles with their computer system.

Wednesday was spent at the campground just enjoying it. Russ went fishing in the river but did not catch anything. He was a bit upset about not catching anything but tried again later in the week. We also stopped at a Holiday Rambler Motor Home that was parked a couple spaces down from us because they had a 400 Club sticker on their coach. It was the Lind's whom we had met in DuQuoin, IL. in 2007 at the rally. They are headed to the Maritimes for the summer.

Thursday I went back up to Chesterfield to see my family before we leave for the summer. I was also in the hopes that I would get the results of my blood test that was done on Monday. This was also the day that my brother's house was to be auctioned off in foreclosure. There had been a realtor that wanted to buy it but was not going to give Lin anything to help get him out. After talking to our cousin Ken Walker, he decided that he would try to get the house and help Lin out. My brother-in-law Roy and I met Ken at the court house and found out that Lin's sale had been cancelled because of the realtor. Lin happened to see him in the parking lot and talked to him. The realtor has dropped all interest in the house so now Ken is working on getting it. Time will tell as to what is going to happen. I just feel so sorry for Mama in not being able to do anything at this point. She has already put up a lot of money and Lin being hard headed lost it.

It was back to the campground and I watched the finale of Grey's Anatomy. The weekend was good.

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