Saturday, May 31, 2008

Enjoying The Good Life

We are still at the Thousand Trails Park (Russian River) in Cloverdale, California. The park is very quiet and has many hiking paths and roadways for us to explore. We are here with friends, Jim and Nancy Leivas. They arrived on Tuesday and we got them into a space and we moved up with them on Wednesday as the park had a tree service coming in on Thursday and Friday to remove trees and stumps. We watched as they did the trees up from the rigs.
On Wednesday afternoon we went down through Cloverdale and proceeded south on Hwy 101 to Hwy 128. We drove Hwy 128 to Tubbs Road where we found "California's Old Faithful in NAPA Valley Calistoga."

This Geyser has Earthquake Warnings from two days to two weeks prior to an earthquake. The warning is by delaying its regular performance from the average of forty minutes to a longer interval. During this prolonged interval, it may send up "splits," small eruptions no more than two or three feet in height, every few minutes. Finally, after the long delay, a 60-foot column of water and steam shoots upward.

At the park they also had "Jacob four-horned sheep", " Tennessee fainting goats", and "Llamas" which were very interesting and fun to watch. Patty even tried to get one to give her a kiss as the picture shows.

After visiting the Geyser we went down the road for about 5 miles and for the "Petrified Forest". There we saw trees that had become petrified after thousands of years. This also was very interesting and worth going to see.
We then came back to the River Rock Casino where we all got Players Club Cards which entitled us all to vouchers worth $10 to play the machines and a $5 off voucher for their buffet. The food was good and we enjoyed playing on them for a while.
We all had a very fun filled day.

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