Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lighthouse Marina and RV Park

Hello to everyone. We have been in Isleton, California at Lighthouse Marina and RV Park since last Sunday when we left the Holiday Rambler Rally in Lodi, CA. We are on Brannan Island at a very nice campground which is affiliated with Resorts of Distinction. We paid an electrical surcharge of $2 a day.

The weather this week has been really weird. On Sunday and Monday it was 100 degrees plus. Tuesday, the temperature was down in the 60's and the winds started to blow. Wednesday and Thursday we thought that we were going to be blown completely away as the winds were up around 38 mph with gust around 50 mph. Trying to get out and walk around was something else. Friday the winds began to calm down and the park began to fill for the holiday.

Monday we took a ride to Antioch and went out to the Black Diamond Mine (a coal mine). They only give tours on the weekends so we just looked around at the center and gathered a couple of brochures to read about this mine. We headed back across Hwy 4 and I-80 to Fairfield where we found the local Wal-Mart and then we saw a sign for "Jelly Belly." This was one of their factories so we went to investigate. They had tours but were expensive we thought ($47 for adults) so we just looked around their store and of course had to buy some of the "Belly Flops" to consume. It was fun just looking around at all the different kinds of Jelly Beans. Some of the names: Vomit, Pencil Shavings, Skunk Spray, Rotten Egg, Ear Wax, Booger, etc.

Tuesday we made a trip over to Travis AFB to see if we could get blood test done for our provider back in San Diego. It was going to almost take an act of congress so we have decided to wait until we get to a Navy Base and have it done. They will be on the same systems as San Diego we hope. We also rode over and checked out the FAMCamp and then we went to the Exchange where Russ was able to get a hair cut and I browsed around. We had lunch at the food court and then went over to the Commissary to get a few items. We then came on back to our little home and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon inside.

Wednesday morning Russ woke up feeling awful. He was sick from both ends. If he was not in the bathroom then he was in bed for most of the day. He was really sick and I just left him alone to get over whatever it was that he had.

I walked over to the dock and there were people shooting scenes for a movie. There were 2 other couples there at the same time that I was but none of us could find out the name of the movie. We just watched what they were doing and guessed what would happen next. There was also a couple there trying to get their boat out of the water. It was a funny sight as he did not want to get wet and she was not use to driving a stick shift car. They did finally get it out and all was well.

Friday Russ was feeling much better so he decided to clean the carpets in the motor home. They look so nice and we will try to keep them cleaner by not wearing shoes inside. You know I have the best husband in the world as he is always doing something to make our life better.

This morning (Saturday) we woke up to cloudy skies and rain. It has been cold all day and the sun never did shine. The park is filled to capacity it looks like. There are motor homes, trailers, boats, and tents everywhere. Also there are kids running hither slither. In moving around with the car you really have to be careful. We took a ride around the Levee just to see what was here. The houses are built on stilts and there are boats everywhere. It was really interesting to see.

Well we leave here tomorrow headed to Cloverdale, CA. and a Thousand Trails Park, Russian River. We will be there for about 10 days where we will meet up with Jim and Nancy Leivas. We plan to travel north from here and will let you know where we are and where we are going. Until next time. Take Care.

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