Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lodi Grape Festival

We are now in Lodi, California at the Holiday Rambler Regional Rally. There are suppose to be about 70 or 75 rigs here and it appears that there will be a lot to do and a lot to be accomplished.

We arrived this morning at about 9:30 am and are parked very close to where everything is happening. Russ and I took a walk this morning to get some pictures and we stopped to talk to the welcoming committee. While there one of the ladies was working on a project crocheting with plastic bags. Someone had given her a purse that someone else had started and needed finishing so Russ said that he would work on it for her. He is just so good.

This afternoon we took a ride over to Isleton, CA. where we will be going on Sunday. It is only about 25 miles away and a very easy drive so that makes both of us happy. The campground is of medium in size and there were very few people there. We look forward to being there.

When we got back we went over to the happy hour and met a few people who are camped here at the Rally. We will continue to meet more and get really involved with all the goings on tomorrow. Until then Take Care.

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