Sunday, May 18, 2008

Holiday Rambler Region VIII Rally at Lodi, CA.

As stated in my post of 5/13/08, we are at Lodi Grape Festival Fairgrounds for the Holiday Rambler Regional Rally. It was reported that there were 68 rigs present and the temperatures for the entire rally were above 100 degrees.

Russ and I participated in all of the games (washer toss, bocce ball and bean bag baseball). We had fun but were not as good as those who won and have been doing this for a long time. We will have to get more practice.

On Wednesday at noon there was a Ladies Luncheon and the food was excellent. There were two breakfasts prepared and the other mornings we had pastries and fruit. The committee also had two dinners catered and everyone was full by the time desert was finished. It is the first time that we have been to a catered pasta bar and then we had chicken and meat loaf on another night.

On Saturday, Russ and I along with 15 other retirees and their spouses went to the Richmaid Restaurant for lunch. This was a 50's type diner and the food was very good here also. One of the couples only had a banana split and pie alamode. It was all good.

We enjoyed sitting out amongst the stars and just visiting at night.

On Sunday morning we bid everyone a safe journey and headed to our next destination.

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