Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thunderbird Resort

We arrived here at Thunderbird on Tuesday, July 8 just about noon. It is a small park with only 98 spaces but they are spread out in three different areas. We are in the east area with 50 amp service and are able to get satellite by being in the very first site. All others have to us their manual dishes and put them along the fence line.
Tuesday we got set up and waited for the Leivas' to arrive. They had to stop in Tacoma for a new inverter. While they were setting up I was talking to a gentleman who was parked by the river and all of a sudden we saw a tree across the way fall. It was crash, boom, bang. Do not know what caused it to fall but it brought back memories from the time we were in Philadelphia and the tree fell across the road.
Yesterday, we took a ride out on Hwy-2 east trying to find some of the waterfalls listed on the map. The gate was closed so turned and headed back and did see one as we were headed back to town. Took a side road and found another.
We also stopped at a Washington State Salmon Hatchery. Learned a lot there.
Have visited the pool each evening and enjoyed very much.

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