Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last few days at Chehalis, WA.

July 4th was a day of clouds and cool weather. Russ, Nancy and I went to the Managers meeting and found out very little from him but that is like most of the parks they tell you what they or the company wants you to know and nothing more. Just after 11 am the park sponsored a parade around the park including children on bikes, the hayride wagon and a fire truck from the local fire department. All the participates had candy that they were throwing out to the spectators. The rest of the day was spent just milling around until 5 pm when we went to the Lucky Eagle Casino for their buffet dinner. Tonight they featured surf and turf. Lots of different fish dishes (crab, oysters, fish, clams, etc.) I did find enough to eat and enjoyed what I had and know that the other three really enjoyed the seafood.

We left the casino just after 8 pm and headed toward the fairgrounds area to watch the fireworks. We parked in the "Yard Bird" parking lot along with many other people. In Washington it is legal to do your own fireworks display and that is what was going on all around us. The professional show did not start until 10:30 pm and we thought that once that started that the ones in the parking lot would stop. NOT!!!!!! It was a continuous thing the whole night. The thing that really scared us the most was parents permitting small children up close to the explosives.

On Saturday it rained on and off for most of the day. Sometimes it was pretty intense but we did ok vegging out. It is still taking us some getting us to to have rain. I know the further east we go the more that we will have.

Sunday was again cloudy but we got out taking many walks and just enjoyed the day. I did go to the laundry as it was taking too long for the clothes to dry in the motor home.

Monday morning we were going into town for groceries and mail. Just as we were getting ready to leave Jim came down to get Russ to come and help him troubleshoot his motor home. They were getting no power to the recepticles. The only thing that they could figure out was that the inverter had gone bad. We left them to find someone who could work on it and we did our running around chores.

Once back at the motor home, Russ began putting away the things outside in anticipation of our move on Tuesday. We saw the Leivas leave about 7:10 am as they were headed to Tacoma to get a new inverter. We left about 8:10 stopping in Tacoma for fuel. It was then continue heading up I-5 to I-405 then Hwy 522 to Monroe, WA. and Thunderbird Campground. Another of the Thousand Trails parks.

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