Saturday, July 19, 2008

Travels and Anniversary

This week has been quiet and relaxing here in Monroe, Washington. We have still enjoyed watching the people on the river and those here in the campground also. We made a trip into Everett, Washington to the Naval Station to have our semi-annual blood test done just to make sure that the pills we are on is not creating havoc with anything else.

We rode up to LaConner and Anacortes just to visit both little towns and see what that side of the world looked like. It was a very enjoyable ride first taking I-5 up there and then hitting Hwy-20 and we came back on Hwy-9. The scenery was outstanding. I like taking the back roads and just seeing what I can find.

Yesterday was Russ' and my 28th wedding anniversary. We had also made contact with friends, Larry and Gina James. We had met them two years ago down in Jamual, California, at Pio Pico. We went over to their campsite for a visit. It was really great seeing these folks and we had a really great visit.

"Larry we are sorry about the woman backing into your car."

As we were headed back to our campground we came upon a very bad accident and had to turn around and find an alternate route. Thank goodness for the GPS (tom-tom). We were given one wrong turn but found out quit quickly so recovered and made it home safe and sound.

Tonight there will be entertainment here at the park so we plan on going to that. Everyone says that we will really enjoy so am looking forward to it.

Until later everyone have a great day.

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