Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flooding of Chehalis and Surrounding Areas

In the past couple of days we have heard from a number of people about the awful weather that came through Washington and Oregon back in November and December 2007. In this area the rivers overflowed their banks flooding the surrounding surface.

There was a couple at the pool on Monday telling us about their garage having 12 feet of water in it and the water was up to the poarch which was 15 feet off the ground. They had had their house rebuilt on stilts after a flood back in 1986. They lost their motorhome and anything else stored in the garage.

We also heard at Applebee's that the surrounding strip mall, including Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Home Depot and other stores had been under water for a while. All of this happened about 2 weeks before Christmas.

To see the area now, one would never know that there had been a flood. To all who assisted in the clean up, thank you from a visitor. For those who were affected, our hearts go out to you.

We also heard that down near Seaside in Oregon that they had had 129 mph winds that distroyed many trees and things along Hwy 26. A lot of distruction everywhere. What is God trying to tell us? We all need to think about what is happening.

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