Friday, October 10, 2008

Knoxville, TN. and Advance, N. C

I know that it has been a while since I last wrote but it has been a very busy and in some ways a good two weeks and in some ways sad. In this posting I will just write about all that has gone on and then start back to doing individual stays.

October 2 - 3. We have been having problems with the ice maker leaking in the refrigerator. It has gotten so bad that it was now soaking the carpet by the refrigerator and there was water all underneath. Russ decided that it was time to shut the water supply off and we would just buy ice until we could get it fixed. We called Buddy Gregg in Knoxville, TN., and set up an appointment to have this looked at. Zeke came out when we got there and found that there was a whole in the water line and a plugged up drain hole. He proceeded to cut off about 4 inches on the line and then flushed out the drain hole. No more leaking. Thanks Zeke for the fast fix. Also, thanks for checking further on the recall listing and finding that we did not have to wait 10 days for the needed piece to come in.

October 3 - 10. We left Buddy Gregg's about 8 am heading east along I-40 toward Advance, N. C., and Thousand Trails Forest Lake RV Park. We drove around the park looking for a spot that maybe would have 50 amp service and we would be able to get satellite service. We found two sites that we felt would work and just as we were headed to them there was a 5er pulling out of C46 and he said his spot had all that we wanted and that they were leaving early. We took that spot, and, yes it was a very good spot.

We stayed around the campground for the weekend going to the Manager's Meeting on Saturday and taking walks around enjoying the fall air. Russ did some fishing while I read. On Monday, we took a ride up to Graham, N. C. to check out a campground that I was thinking about staying at while we visited family in the area. It was not good with a lot of permanents there and the roads had big ruts. No thank you. We will just stay where we are for the week and travel.

On Tuesday we went down to the Richard Childress Racing facility and took their self-guided tour. After leaving there, we went to his winery and picked up a couple of bottles of wine. After arriving back home we received a phone call from my mother that my Uncle Lewis Youngblood had passed away. She said that the funeral was to be on Saturday morning and that a family visitation would be held on Friday night. That meant instead of leaving from TT on Saturday that we would have to leave on Friday and head for Richmond, VA. We were already planning on being in Richmond on Saturday so out we would head a day early.

On Thursday we went up to see Steve and Trisha Brewer, Russ' uncle and aunt up in Mebane, N. C. Steve had lung cancer surgery earlier this year. He is doing really great and looks fantastic. We spent all day with going to see the old school house they are working on, riding around the neighborhood and seeing all the growing that the area is doing. We had a very enjoyable day. We hope that Steve continues to improve and Trish, we love you a lot.

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