Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Oaks at Point South, Yemassee, S. C.

Monday morning we were up early as usual on moving day and had everything picked up and put in it's place for moving. I went to pull in the slides having the back ones come in fine. When I went to pull in the front slides something was wrong as the back half of the road slide would not come in. Russ began checking to find out what was the cause of it not moving. First he thought that it was ice on the topper, some there but not enough to keep it from moving. He then checked in the compartment and found that we had lost a bolt and nut. Of course we do not have an inch and a half bolt. Luckily the maintenance man was out and about and he had one. We finally got the bar and leaver lined up and the bolt in.

We got on the road by 10 after stopping for diesel and breakfast at Flying J in Kenly, N. C. We paid $3.309 per gallon and then were headed south traveling 293.1 miles along I-95 to Yemassee, S. C. We are just off of I-95 at an ELS park, The Oaks at Point South. The campground is nestled amongst many, many oak trees and all the sites are pull thru but some are a little tight getting in and out of.

Yesterday we took a trip over to Parris Island where Russ had done his Basic Training back in 1969 when he joined the Marines. We toured around the base seeing some of the places that he had called home for 12 weeks back then. We also stopped by the commissary and picked up some fruit and water.

We left the base and headed over to Beaufort, S. C. and rode around some of their streets just checking out the historical houses here. We also found the Lowes Store and got some additional bolts and nuts.

It was back to the little house on wheels where I took a walk around the park noticing that there are a lot of Florida tags on vehicles here. With the weather getting colder people are on the move to warmer weather.

Russ went over to the pond today and did some fishing. He said that he did not even get a bite but enjoyed just being out near the water. He did see two alligators in the water but they had nothing to do with him. Thank goodness.

Well it is time for the baseball game on TV so will close for now. I hope everyone has a good week and that your team wins.

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