Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mama's Arrival

Yesterday Russ and I were up at our normal times and it felt really chilly. We went about our morning getting dressed to start our day. I also packed a duffel bag as I was heading out to the airport at 11 to meet Mama. She was coming in from Richmond, VA., and I am going to take her to her little house in Frostproof, FL. Russ and I also went up to see Fred, the manager at TT, about getting an extended stay space for January thru March. We also rode around just checking out the area close by.

As I said earlier I headed to the airport about 11 and had no more than pulled into the cell phone waiting area and I received a call from Mama that the plane had landed and she would be one of the last to get off as she has a wheel chair bring her to the waiting area. In about 25 minutes she was out on the sidewalk waiting for me as I circled the airport. It is really an easy chore picking up people with the cell phone parking.

We stopped at Bob Evans for a late lunch and then headed our 35+ miles down to Frostproof. We did not bother to stop for groceries as Mama was really tired and needed a rest. Having the late lunch we neither one were really hungry for any other food. We just rested and watched some TV, got suitcases unpacked and just enjoyed our afternoon.

This morning we went to McDonald's for breakfast and then over to the Arcade Beauty Shop for me to get a much needed haircut. Thank you Charles for the great haircut. Martha will give Mama a perm on Thursday morning.

We then headed to Wal-Mart for groceries. Today was a replenishment of most everything. Big bill but we will eat good this week.

Well it's time to hit the sack. Until next time, take care.

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