Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Thousand Trails Travelers Campout

We are still at Thousand Trails Palm Springs, Palm Desert, CA. The winds continued to blow for most of the week and on Wednesday morning we were forced inside for coffee and goodies or be blown completely away.

As reported in previous entries we have been here at Thousand Trails since March 27 and Thousand Trails Travelers have been arriving on a steady basis since then. We are all spread out across the park which is very empty compared to what we are use to seeing it at this time of the year. The park will be shutting down to minimial use beginning May 15 when Idyllwild is in full force. It is just too hot to be in Palm Desert during the summer months and Idyllwild is up in the San Jacinto Mountains where it is cooler for this time of the year. We have seen snow up on that mountain since the middle of February.

For the campout there were 20 rigs and we all enjoyed the potluck dinners and our annual Pizza Party on Tuesday evening. Each morning this week, we met for coffee and goodies provided by our host. There were many shopping trips, trips to the casinos and our trip out to eat on Sunday evening. We also had card games after dinner of "Hand and Foot" or "Hearts" going on and there were two tables of "Jokers and Pegs" being played. Just a lot of good food and fellowship.

Thursday saw most leaving for their respective homes or to other campgrounds and we wish each and everyone a safe and sound summer wherever you plan your adventures. We moved westward to "Cherry Valley Lakes" for the next 11 days.

Take care and let's see what happens next.

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