Monday, April 14, 2008

50's Dance Party and Alligator Lizard

We are still at Cherry Valley Lakes in Beaumont, CA.

On Saturday the winds blew like there was going to be no tomorrow. It was even hard to walk against them but we made out okay. The temperature was suppose to be in the 90's but with the wind it did not feel that hot. We opened up all of the windows and just let the breezes blow throughout the motorhome.

Saturday night at the clubhouse they had a 50's dance party with three of the member workers singing and leading all of the fun. All three had good voices and everyone had a great time. The songs were great and the musical hits were done really well also. Of course Russ had to miss his NASCAR Race to go to this but I think he enjoyed it none the less. He still surprises me with his new hip as he was doing the twist and going all the way down to the floor, fast dancing and slow dancing and it was not bothering him. Thank you Dr. Jon Lowen.

Sunday Russ decided to do some fishing in the lakes that they have here. He was able to catch two catfish weighing between 1 1/2 lbs. - 2 1/2 lbs. He had a good time doing that. I interrupted his fishing for us to go to the ice cream social. He went back out while I sat and just enjoyed the sun by the pool. I decided to go out and see what he had and as I went out the back gate I stepped over what they were calling an Alligator Lizard. This thing was about 6 - 8 inches long and had a diamond shaped head with it's tongue flickering about. It scared me but I did go back and take a picture which I will post once I get my computer back.

Late in the afternoon Joyce and I went to the hot tub just to relax. We met another couple there who were visiting here from Pennsylvania. She and Joyce really enjoyed talking and comparing notes. Once back from the hot tub we watched tv and then off to bed it was after the late news.

Until next time Take Care..

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