Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Helping Others

We are at Thousand Trails, Palm Springs, CA.

Yesterday was a day that we were going to just relax and enjoy the park. Russ went up to the pool room to play pool for a while and I went over to our friends Joyce and Steve Dombroski. I had been telling Joyce about the new programs that I had learned about from Chris and Jim, Geeks on Travel. I am now using Picasa 2 for all of my pictures, being able to customize them and I am using Photo Story 3 for making movies and slideshows of my pictures.

Both Steve and Joyce have taken some really good pictures with their new camera and they will be great using the Photo Story. We worked on this for a while and then decided that it was time for some fun. Off to Casino 29 we went. We decided that the first stop would be at McDonald's for an Angus and Mushroom Burger. We then went off and played the machines for just over an hour. Yesterday was my day for coming out ahead by $11.

As Russ and I were walking back to our little house, I met Marge and we began talking about computers. She is just learning the computer and was having problems so I met her up at the adult lodge and helped her understand what she was confused about. We had a good time and hopefully it helped her get a little further along.

We have the east/west channels on Direct TV so I watched American Idol and Dancing with the Stars at 5 and 6 pm and then went to the pool for about an hour. It was so refreshing. I then came home and did some backups on the computer. It took a while and then I was off to bed. Good nights sleep.

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