Saturday, April 5, 2008

Good Times

We are still at Thousand Trails in Palm Desert, CA.

On Thursday morning Russ and Steve went to play golf at Indio Golf Course. They got there early but still ended up having to wait for a golf club to go ahead of them. They said that some of the gentlemen were a bit slow but that was OK because one day they may be just as slow.

I finished washing clothes and hung them out back on the clothes line that Russ made for us. It works great and is nice to have around especially drying the towels, etc.

I was also going to vacuum good and mop the floor. Well, I started the vacuum and found that the bag was way too full and would not suck properly so went about finding the extra bags that we have in here. No luck. That meant a trip to Wal-Mart so while there we both got hair cuts which were much needed. We also picked up a few groceries and headed back home.

As we were pulling back into the park, we saw our friends Cecil and Donna Schoolcraft pulling in for the Thousand Trails Travelers camp out which officially starts on Sunday. It has been three weeks since we last saw them so was great to meet up with them again. We also saw, as we walked around, that Darlene Fuller, Katie Pettis and Dick Jackson, Mary and Bill Miller had arrived. We will enjoy getting together with all of these fine folks for eating, games and fellowship.

Friday was Thousand Trails meeting with the manager Gary. His meeting drew a good crowd awaiting any news that he had gotten from the District Meeting that was held here Tuesday - Thursday. Basically it was the same old stuff but we did let Gary know that we appreciated his park and wished that some of the others were managed as he does.

I enjoyed the swimming pool for a couple of hours as Russ was up in the Pool Room with some of the guys shooting pool. We are two that have our own interest and can do what we like separately or together.

We had made plans with Cecil and Donna to meet at Augustine Casino for dinner after their appointment in Palm Desert. On Friday nights they have a big Seafood Buffet, which they all like. I had my fried chicken and was just as happy. We stayed until about 9 pm playing the machines and Russ and I came out about $25 ahead. GOOD FOR US!!!!!

This morning they are suppose to have a park wide garage sale but did not see that many having things for sale especially since the winds have come back. Russ attempted to walk at 6:15 am but the winds then were just brutal. He waited to walk until just after 8 and I went out about 8:20.

Until later hope that everyone has a Great Day.

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