Friday, April 11, 2008

Cherry Valley Lakes

Posting from Cherry Valley Lakes, Cherry Valley, CA. We are about 3 miles west of the city of Banning, CA. and the park buts up to I-10 and the Banning area Rest Stop.

We are actually enjoying this park even with it butting up to I-10. We are parked on the last row and do not hear the traffic at all from the highway even with the windows open. The park is small but has all that we need here to survive. It has a clubhouse with kitchen that they serve breakfasts and dinners Thursday - Saturday and breakfast also on Sunday. They also have different activities going on during the day and in the evening. Thursday night was Bingo, tonight is Push Poker, Saturday Night they are having a 50's dance, etc. Dinner tonight was fish and shrimp and it was very good for $6. We will go to the dance tomorrow night and pay $2 each but eat at home as I have to get rid of some of the stuff we have had left over from the TTTs outing.

I am having to use Russ' computer right now as my computer has had to go to the "Computer Hospital". Wednesday night I went in to make a blog and do some other typing and I could not get the keyboard to work at all. I called Acer and they said that it had to be sent in to them to figure out what is wrong so today I sent it off to Texas. I will add pictures once I get my computer back.

Well that is all that has happened here. Wish each and everyone a great day. Take Care.

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