Monday, April 28, 2008

Catch Up Time

Sorry that it has been a while since last posting but I was a bit under the weather even though most people did not know it and I did not tell them either. I went about each day as if things were okay. The real problem has been that I stopped taking my meds and it caught up with me. My blood pressure has gone out of sight and the fibromyalgia is really hurting but I am getting back stable. Enough on that......
Our last couple of days at Cherry Valley Lakes was a lot of fun and we did help to bid Bobby and Gene "Good by" as they start a new adventure in their life. These guys are fun to be around and we always had fun when they were there. They are hopeful to be able to stay at Thousand Trails in Palm Springs for the summer and watch the property during the close down of this park. The only bad part of being in Palm Springs during the summer is the heat, some days as high as 120 degrees.

On Monday, April 21, we moved down to Golden Village Palms in Hemet, California, to meet up with the SO CAL and Warriors SMART Chapters. There were 26 rigs with 46 people and it was a really good muster. We ate a lot, played games and socialized a lot. Russ and I ended up competing against each other in Blongo (Snake Toss). I lost. We also competed in Bocce Ball and Washer Board Toss. All of the games were fun and everyone had a good time. We even saw people out that usually don't play enjoying themselves.
On Wednesday, Russ and I went down to San Diego for a doctor's appointment. That is where I found out that the blood pressure was out of whack and I had to start back on my medications. I am doing it and monitoring each day.

On Friday, April 25, we left Hemet and headed up Hwy 79 to I-10 to I-15 to Lytle, California and Mountain Lakes RV Park. This is a Resorts of Distinction park and a really pretty park. It has fishing ponds stocked with trout, crappy and cat fish. There are three swimming pools, a convience store, a clubhouse for adults and another for families, a restaurant and all kinds of activities going on including BINGO 5 times a week. We have played BINGO and I won $20. We spent $22 so we are only short by $2. It was a lot of fun.
Our friends Joyce and Steve Dombroski are here also. We have always had a lot of fun with them and have run into them all across the country. We will part on Thursday with them going to Las Vegas and we will head toward Soledad Canyon. I expect that we will meet up again sometime this summer.
Russ has enjoyed fishing catching 5 trout on Saturday and is out there again today trying his luck. The only thing here is that they do not let you catch and release. You must keep all that you catch. He finds someone who wants to clean and eat them. I think that Joyce will take them this time. I am doing my blog and washing clothes and just enjoying the time here.
Until next time Have a great day.

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