Monday, March 31, 2008

Tour of Morongo Preserve and Pioneertown

Reporting from Thousand Trails, Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, CA. Yesterday the sky was blue and pretty but the winds were back and the temperature was only in the 60's. A chilly day for the desert this time of year.

Yesterday, March 30, we met Mr. Bill Clark, his wife Mavis and 23 other people at 9 am to go on a caravan to Morongo Preserve up on Hwy 62 heading toward 29 Palms. This is a preserve that has many walking trails and a lot of desert vegetation and artifacts. It is also a very good place for birders (people who like to sight the different birds). We saw much and enjoyed Mr. Bill's knowledge of the area and things along the trail. We were looking for the mountain lion and other big animals; but were unable to find any. We did see that there had been a big fire that had burned a lot of the trees and vegetation but it was coming back and the park will thrive.

We also went to Pioneertown. This was once a movie set used in making the Gene Autry and Roy Rogers movies back when they were famous. We had lunch at "Pappy and Harriet's Palace" and then walked around the town. We would have stayed longer and watched the "showdown" but it was so cold and the wind was blowing so hard that we decided to head on back to our little home here at TT.

Russ and I watched TV for the evening and then it was to bed for a good nights sleep. We really love being in our little house on wheels. Being able to move when we want, stay when we want and just doing it all.

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