Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moving Day to Silent Valley Club, Banning, CA

We have spent the last 13 days at Soledad Canyon Thousand Trails and were ready to see a new area. We left at 9:30 am and headed for Pearblossem Road where we were to fill up with diesel fuel and propane. Donna and Cecil had called back on Monday telling us about an independent station (Jerry's Truck Stop) there that had the cheapest prices in the area. We had ridden down there to find out exactly where it was and we did stop and make our deposit. The price of diesel had gone up by $0.03 per gallon from Monday to Thursday.

We talked with Dan, whom Donna and Cecil had talked to and he was surprised at how we traveled, live and the communication between the RVer's out on the road. He will be watching for us to come back through on May 1.

We continued on down Highway 138 to I-15 then to I-215 and finally onto I-10 headed east toward Banning, CA. We turned off on Highway 243 and headed up the mountain for nine miles to Silent Valley Club. This is a beautiful campground and very fortunate to be here as there was a tremendous fire that went through this area in October, 2006. There were 5 firefighters who lost their lives in that fire and there are many people who are thankful to the other firefighters who were able to save these grounds. There were 200 people at the time trapped in this valley.

We met a couple (Ida and Bruce), from Romona, CA., who come up here on a regular basis. I would guess that there are about 150 different rigs in here right now.

They have a restaurant here that serve dinner meals Thursday - Saturday and breakfast on Sunday morning. The dinner we had last night was great (meatloaf or lasagna). They also had a full menu if you did not want their special.

After dinner we took a walk just to get better adjusted with the park and then watched some TV before bedtime. A really good day and we look forward to seeing more in this area.

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