Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quiet Day

Writing from Thousand Trails, Soledad Canyon, Acton, CA.

For the past four days the Thousand Trails Travelers have been here for their monthly campout. We had 12 rigs of members, 2 rentals and a guest rig at this campout. Each morning we had goodies and coffee to share. The afternoons were spent either playing card games, shopping or visiting/resting and some were just playing pool or in one of the tournaments. The week did not provide much opportunity to be outside as the winds were blowing really hard and the temperature was cold.

We spent our evening meals together. On Sunday we went to Hometown Buffet in Palmdale, Monday was finger foods, Tuesday was potluck with a lot of different foods provided by our great cooks. Wednesday we had a Salad potluck and everyone seemed to enjoy these meals a lot. Wednesday there were also 11 ladies who dressed in their Purple Shirts and Red Hats and went to lunch at Carrows in Palmdale. Fun was had by all.

Each night there were games going for those who chose to play; Pegs and Jokers, Hand and Foot, or Hearts. There were winners and there were losers but all had fun and were ready for the challenge the next day. Good going all.

Yesterday Russ picked up the new blocks for the jacks from the office here. They had come in by UPS the day before and we did not make it to the office in time. He put them under the jacks today and hopefully it will prevent us from sinking into the asphalt or soft earth from now on. I also received word that the new sensor for the tires was shipped out and will be here by Monday or Tuesday. We had received two with the same serial numbers.

There are 4 rigs left today. We played pegs and jokers with Cecil and I beating Joe and Russ three out of four games. Cecil and Joe's wives were not feeling well enough tonight so Russ and I paired up with them for these games.

I received and e-mail from my niece Dana today that she had uploaded pictures (95) of her new baby. I was happy to get them as they are back in Virginia and we are here in CA. I want to watch this little one grow as Russ and I do not have any children of our own.

Time to close up for tonight but will be with you again soon.

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