Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Snowey Sunday and My Birthday on Monday

We are still at Silent Valley Club, Banning, CA. We are approximately 13 miles from I-10 in the San Jacinto Mountains.
What has been going on since my last posting? Well, Sunday Morning we awoke to 4 inches of snow on the ground and surrounding area. It was really pretty and something that Russ and I have not seen for the past 20 years other than from a distance and the one time that I had to fly back to Richmond for a funeral.
Sunday: I was up and at ‘um somewhat early. Russ fixed up breakfast and then I went out walking in the snow to take pictures and just enjoy the beauty that was there. Many people had built snowmen, others were throwing snowballs and then there were those like me just enjoying the beauty of God’s earth.
I made it back in from my walk just as the NASCAR Race from Bristol, TN., was coming on. Russ and I watched and enjoyed the exciting victory by Jeff Burton. It has been a long time since we saw him win. After the race we just enjoyed the rest of the day with playing on the computers, reading the newspaper and Russ working on his crocheting, etc.
Monday: It is St. Patrick’s Day and my Birthday. Yes, 58 years ago today I was born to Ernest Floyd and Dorothy W. Crump back in Richmond, Virginia. I awoke to Russ singing “Happy Birthday to Me” and then giving me birthday kisses. He then fixed me breakfast in bed while I finished watching the “VIEW” on TV. I got up and showered and dressed and we decided to go down to Soboba Casino for a while. Between the two of us we lost $8.00 so that was not too bad. We left and went to the Farm House for lunch. They were having a St. Patrick’s Day Special which Russ had and I had their meatloaf. All was very good. They also have an antique store attached to the restaurant so we strolled around there just looking to see what was there. We saw many interesting things, but nothing that we felt that we could not live without.
After lunch we went to Wal-Mart to pick up some needed items and a few vittles for the rest of the week. We started out by doing a leisurely stroll around the store picking up what was needed as we went. We just had fun going about our chores.
Many people have left these past two days and now the Spring Break crowd is starting to come in. With Easter this coming weekend I expect that the park will be a little fuller than it has been. The weather is still chilly but it has been beautiful since all of the snow had melted. The personnel here have a lot of crafts and activities slated for the week.
Russ tried his luck at fishing again. Today he did have better luck actually catching three trout and having a lot of bites. He was much happier today than he was in not catching anything on Saturday. He must have been enjoying himself because he stayed gone all day. I’m glad he is doing something that he likes occasionally.
Tonight I will be switching between “American Idol,” “Dancing with the Stars” and “Big Brother. Thank goodness we get both east and west stations.
Until my next posting we wish everyone a very good day.

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