Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thousand Trails, Palm Springs, CA.

On Thursday we moved the 20.1 miles from Catalina Spa & RV Resort over to Thousand Trails, Palm Springs at Palm Desert, CA. We decided to come over via Dillion Road and 1000 Palm Canyon Drive rather than getting on the I-10. Our way there was very little traffic and an easy drive until we got onto 1000 Palm Canyon Drive where we could really feel the wind coming at us from the west.

Pulling into Thousand Trails was an easy chore and we were able to get into our favorite area having 50 amp service and also being able to reach WI-FI from the adult clubhouse. Thousand Trails parks have the wi-fi but it is located in the clubhouses and not throughout the campground.

We were heading out to Trader Joe's when Russ spotted Joyce Dombroski, a very good friend of ours that we had met in 2005. We have seen them in all sorts of places in the past year. We were with them up at Soledad Canyon when we got word that the house at sold last March. We then met up with them in August back in Virginia at Chesapeake Bay. Then we saw them in January at Pio Pico in Jamul, CA.

After dinner Joyce and Steve came by and said that they were feeling lucky so were going down to Casino 29 so Russ and I decided to go see if we had any luck also and went with them. Russ was the only one to come out ahead. We also checked to see if we could get tickets for Engelbert Humperdinck but there was a big banner showing "Sold Out". Shucks!!! We then stopped for ice cream and then headed home. That was a fun evening.

Friday morning Russ and I took a walk around the park and then Steve and I went to the Manager's meeting at the adult center. Found out that nothing new happening with TT but did learn that there were going to be some adventures taking place from here. On Sunday, Mr. Bill, is going to lead a caravan over to Morongo Preserve and then to Pioneertown. Morongo Preserve is an important birding area and Pioneertown was built in 1946 as a movie set for western movies. It should be fun going and it look like there will be about 15 people going.

After the meeting Russ and I went to the pool for a while. The water was perfect and the sun was great. We then returned home for just relaxing. Russ did end up going over to Joyce and Steve's to talk about going golfing next week and to taste some wine that Joyce had gotten. They will golf on Monday because there is a coupon in the local paper. I know they will have fun.

Today Russ has washed and polished on the outside of the motor home. He is doing a really super job. Thank you dear.

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