Friday, March 14, 2008

Trip to Idyllwild, CA

Russ and I have both wanted to see the Thousand Trails Park at Idyllwild so today would be the day to make that trip. We are staying at Silent Valley Club which is a private campground and they also allow people to come in on Coast to Coast and Passport America. We are here on the Coast to Coast reservation. Idyllwild is approximately 14 miles from here so once the clouds moved out we headed on further up the mountains. We could see snow still out there and were looking forward to being able to actually touch snow again as it has been a long time since we did.

The drive up was on a real snake road first curving this way and then that way but was fun and interesting. We drove all around the campground even getting out to play in the snow a little. Back to our childhood days.

We then drove into the little town of Idyllwild and looked around and then continued on down the mountain towards Hemet just for the ride and to see the difference in road conditions as everyone says to use the route that we did as the other one is a much harder pull and more curves. It was not that bad going down.

We did have to make a stop at Soboba Casino just to get our fix for this week. We both played $20 and then left. It was fun. On the way back to Silent Valley we stopped at the bank to make a deposit and then to Sizzler for a bite of lunch. It was then time to head up the mountain and our house on wheels.

Russ is going to fish in a derby that they will have here tomorrow. Hope that the weather holds out for it and that it will not be too cold even though they are calling for a winter storm. We will just have to wait and see......

Until tomorrow sweet dreams.

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