Thursday, March 20, 2008

Catalina SPA & RV Resort

This morning we leisurely got up and got the motorhome ready to move 38 miles down the mountain and over to Desert Hot Springs, California. Things were going well with neither of us hurrying to get on the road. There was some frost on the top of the car and the temperature was still in the 30's so we did not want to get out just yet.

At about 10:30 am we were all hooked up ready to go. Getting out of the campground and up the road was a piece of cake. Turning onto HWY 243 was where the problem began.....As we turned left there was a big bump and everything on the left side of the motorhome started to shift and fall. I went back to try and level things out and all of a sudden I find myself on my hands and knees and have also banged my left shoulder really hard on the kitchen sink cabinet. Oh it really hurt but I tell Russ that I am ok and to keep on going. I am just keep on going and I will get up when we are at the bottom of the mountain. Sitting there and not being able to see the actual road but everything that is coming to us was amazing. I wish that I had had my camera or even a movie camera. You would not believe the sights that were there.

Once at the bottom of the mountain I was able to climb back into my seat and we continued on to Desert Hot Springs. We arrived at a little after 12 and found our spot. This is a very nice campground and they have a lot of activities. Tonight we went up to the clubhouse and played Card Bingo. I won 1 1/2 games and Russ won the last game. We did come out ahead and had a very good time. I will get pictures tomorrow and add to the posting.

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